Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Home Education.

 I don't think I have mentioned much about eldests school, or the trouble we have had with it, but we have finally all made the decision it is not the right place for her to be. I don't feel like she is learning enough, I don't feel that the teachers or support staff are doing the best they can for the babies they have in the class, and most of all I feel like I can take control of her education and provide a better standard. If you are a teacher and you are reading this, then I'll clear up I'm not attacking the teaching profession, I'm saying that I don't believe those particular teachers were up to the standard I was lead to believe, there was a clash of personalities and other things besides the teachers that lead to this.  If you want to read the post about what was going on its here.

 Anyway I just feel she would thrive at home much more. And so we have met all the requirements we need to meet, the letter of deregistration has been sent.

 So I did a little prep work while reading the replies on Mumsnet (which were great)the one on twitter about lazy was just a bit stupid, I made a comment about hating getting my children up at 6am, last I check not liking waking your children up has nothing to do with being lazy, moron.)  made a little timetable, one that we can loosely stick to regardless of whats going on in the day. Some parents who have no structure to the day, and free flow learn totally inspired me, they make learning incidental instead of forced and it sounds lovely.

I have put in math, writing, reading, art, history, cooking, some physical ed in form of scooter riding, walking or bike riding as well as her normal Monday night football (bit of social there too). Decided on a few special projects to look at, things that can tie in to reading, writing, art and maybe some more.The timetable is very flexible, with some 'free choice' slots, so she can choose exactly what she wants to do.
For us it is a learning curve, obviously we don't know exactly what we are doing, but the school has taught me exactly what I'm not doing, so for that they have been useful.

Who knows maybe in a few weeks/months/years she will want to return to school. If not, I'm good for HE for as long as we need. I'm looking forward to getting into the swing of things, HE meetings and little day trips for us, I can honestly say I'm very excited.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Chorizo Soup!

It's not exact and nor is what can happen in the time this takes to cook, the times are flexible to a point.
  • 50g Chirizo (peeled)
  • 2 Red peppers
  • 1 Red Onion
  • Oil
  • Sugar, Salt & Pepper 
  • 500g chicken stock
  • Tomato pureĆ© 
  • 1 clove of garlic (crushed)

 Simple steps to a slightly spicy and lovely soup.

Pop peppers in the oven on about 180-200 degrees, for around 20-30 minutes, remove and cool. Once cooled peel the skin off (which can be difficult and sometimes I peel most off and leave some, life's too short), and chop.

Warm oil, chop Chirizo, chop onions, crush garlic.
Throw onion and garlic in the oil until softened, then add the Chirizo.
Everything in the pan will start to turn a beautiful red colour.
Leave for a little while, then add the peppers.
Throw in a table spoon of pureƩ.
All of the chicken stock.... I like to say weeeeeee while pouring it, but that's not required.
Bring to the boil for a few minutes, then lower to a simmer.

Have a little sip, add a touch of sugar if you desire, salt & pepper to taste.

Remove from heat and cool for approx 5-10 minutes. Rinse out your pan, you'll use it again in a moment.

Wizz it up in your wizzy machine (also known as a blender),  and return to pan when your happy with the consistency.

Give it another warm through, serve and prepare to be delighted!! My daughter loves this soup. It's brightly coloured, not too spicy and tastes great!

When a team is 80-20.

 Firstly I'll say this is a bit ranty - So if you aren't in the mood, shoooo.

Secondly, as a SAHM I do alot in the house, and out the house and just generally alot, SAHP's will understand, I'm not saying working parents do less, wait, well, actually yes you do less, unless you are single working parents - then you do more than anyone. A couple of working parents, where are your children while you are working? WHO IS RAISING YOUR CHILDREN? A tag team of working parents, working oppostite shifts do you count as a part-time worker/part-time parent/ part-time couple? wait thats like 3 halves, thats not even a thing... I give up on this line of rant, I'm just saying I do more than him, and there are probably very many of you that understand!

 You do less because you aren't at home, one of a partnership, sometimes both need to work, it's vital. (And I am thankful everyday he does work so that I can stay home and bask in the glory of my children, even if they do smell sometimes.) So kudos for working. Unkundos and minus Kudos if you are anything like Beau.

He is great, helpful and does things in the house when he is home... Yes indeed, he buggers up my routine, he is helpful in winding the children up, and then he is exceptionally helpful going to work and leaving me to deal with a 5yo almost in a sugar coma and Mojo who by this point wonders what happened to calm Momma.  I'll tell you what happened, he was home! I would rather he was at work, a safe distance from routine, poo nappies, vomit, sugar, mess, me and any other stuff that could turn unruly and wild. I love him dearly, I also love him dearly to stick to what he does best. Working hard and making me a cup of tea.

 AND THEN! He goes to work, I mean what the hell? Doesn't he understand how helpful he is? Bah, he can't win, I appreciate his attempts though. For now I'll settle for the fact, he barely has a clue what he is doing or why he does things, but he takes instructions (usually) like a champ. The girls love him, I think he is alright.

And I always have a cup of tea.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Baby names...

Having a chat with Eldest about babies and baby names, she kindly informed me there will be 3 more children added to my brood, the names of which will be...
  • Joves
  • Axjalay
  • Flower
 After talking a bit more I asked how many children she might have when she is older, if any.

'I'm having ten babies out of my tummy, you can only have 3 more.'  (If they only came out my tummy then I'd have 25 million....)

'Okay dear, do you have names?'

'You know I have names I told you them all before... remember on the bus? Well they have changed since then anyway.'

'Yes I do remember, what are they now?'

And then this happens....
  1. Mutchi
  2. Luter
  3. Jovi
  4. Lutermel
  5. Lutermelout
  6. Supermanbaby
  7. Lala
  8. Jokermelotter
  9. Jovesluter
  10. Mister Cotton Joe
'Wow those are quite long names my dear, are you sure about it?'

'No, I'm not sure I forgot one name for my babies'

  11. Babychopper

And there you have it, if you ask me I think Mister Cotton Joe, Lala & Supermanbaby have the best chance of having their names remembered. I understand where Superman, Joker and Lala came from... but as for the rest, I've no idea.

Christmas card are going to be a bugger....

Thursday, 9 February 2012

My Caboo Carrier +organic

 I'd made the decision very early on in pregnancy that I wanted a carrier, lots of brands where banded about, Ellaroo, Moby and Tomy plus many more. Video demonstrations, product reviews, colours, weight comparison charts. Then we had to take in to account that occasionally my back acts up, it had to be quick and easy for the school run, lightweight for travelling as Beau's family live abroad. Not only this but it must be a colour that suited us both, and needed minimal adjustment going from me carrying to Beau carrying Mojo.

And then I found it, maybe it found us. My Frost Grey Caboo Carrier +organic.

It is amazing, the colour suits us both, I rarely get back pain, she sleeps every time she is in it, I can use all public transports as the baby is hugged to your chest, Mojo is always warm and cosy. Me and Beau can easily swap between using it & it takes approx 2 minutes to put it on adjust and put the baby in. The weight distribution is so good in fact I wouldn't even notice her attached to the front of me if people didn't point it out.

Another high point is the comfortable breastfeeding position, I would advise to practise when baby isn't hungry to get this one right. It took 2-3 attempts to feel truly comfortable with the position, but once you get it, it's simple. I used the carrier all the time just a few days after birth while cleaning and around the house for the following weeks, if you really feel like it and its warm take your top off and undress baby (leave a nappy on) and get some skin to skin while your busy!!

I have had a few reactions to this carrier, as they seem to be rarely used here. I'd guess around 90% of comments have mentioned how warm and cosy she looks, or how comfortable and light it looks.

All are right! Not only that but people have said how simple and effective the design is. No fiddly clips, a simple pully system.

So to sum up - Beautiful feel on the cotton, breathable, warm, comfortable, 5 positions (instruction leaflet in the box), various colours, baby is always close, breast feeding position and travel friendly too! The extra support band also doubles as a storage pouch.

And as my midwife pointed out by nature we are carriers, we don't lay eggs, or have pouches and our babies don't walk from birth either. This carrier is so high on my list of must-haves I will be using it for my next baby and maybe I'll even buy another colour! 

The Caboo Carrier +organic is amazing!

Mister Mojo using it for first hour snuggles.

I did not receive any products for this review, I just genuinely love it!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

FairTrade Poster

Letter from school on 6th Feb 'design poster for Fairtrade fortnight'... Excellent.

Date for submission? 8th Feb. What?? Dash to many shops looking for many things to stick on an A3 sheet.

Also cooking for family... So cooking for 7 as well as normal routine for Mojo... Well anyway long story short!

Eldests 5 year old version of 'Steps to Fairtrade'.

Date 27th Feb - 11th March - Check out the website for more information & maybe even add your step to FairTrade!

Being late

Can anyone out there explain this mystery?
On a normal morning- up before 7 get dressed myself, feed mojo while eldest is getting dressed for school, then do eldest's breakfast and make her packed lunch, get mojo dressed while eldest does last face wash- after getting her face mucky during breakfast. Then shoes, coat amazing baby carrier (more in the carrier later) and away we go.

Get up an hour later due to mojo snoozing through feeding time, and we are still ready at the same time! With less fuss than normal.

But if I planned to get up an hour later on purpose I know we'd be an hour late for school every single time.


Saturday, 4 February 2012

Post baby relationship blues?

  I remember before I had eldest I consumed literature on how having a baby would affect my body, my life, my mind, my future & my general outlook on life. No where in there did I pick up any information on how it would affect my partner at the time nor our relationship. I wasn't living in a bubble i didn't assume everything would be perfect and I didn't think that he wouldn't be changed in someway. Although I can say for sure I wasn't prepared for what happened at all. As it went, within 1 week he stayed out till around 12pm, left for work 1 hour earlier and never did one night feed (expressed). Within 2 weeks he stopped putting money in the pot in the kitchen and within 3 weeks I was back living in my mothers small box bedroom.That was that, single parenthood - for 2.5 years. If you happen to be a single parent while reading this, much love and adoration to you. I mean it from every fibre in my body.

So skip a few years, and arrival of Mojo. Home birth, reasonably relaxed house in general, Beau takes on Step-dad role & eldest spends time for 1 night a week at her Bio-dads parents with him. He has improved as a parent, now eldest can do everything for herself - but that's another matter. Beau works full time and I take on the role of a million jobs all under one title 'Mommy'.

I speak to Beau about a lot of things, obviously he can't know everything that goes on, because half the time I am so scatty I forget to change slipper for shoes before the 8am school run (public transport)... But this weeks topics have been heavy, and often severe one way or another. He displays some unhappiness or discontent - Oh my. Must make sure my rock is safe, must fix. We have been bickering slightly more lately, due to sleep deprivation and conflicting schedules. Must fix rock.

I explain that it is okay to admit he is struggling at times, perhaps even healthy to admit that sometimes when Mojo is crying, eldest spills porridge on the carpet and he burnt his toast - It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. My pungent smell of guilt makes me light headed, when he returns from work and I ask him, take Mojo for an hour while I catch up on telly/read/cook/bash my face into a wall. When he walks out the door to work for a spilt second I feel a pang of jealousy deep in my core.
A funny thing happened, tears started pouring from my eyes, mine - not his. I'd created two large wet patched on my jumper, wet patches that were so large I knew it was well over due. The ducts had opened and the only way to close them was to cry it out. I realised that I was willing him to admit the thing that I myself, wasn't saying.

He did say that he wants to improve in some areas, for example - Mojo crying at 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am has him nearing a breakdown, but not with frustration or anger, with hopelessness. He feels he is unable to soothe her effectively. It's okay, It's okay... Stay calm, and she will feed off the energy that you display. Stay calm. Stay Calm. CALM. Crying doesn't bother me, I'm okay with crying, as long as it isn't me. I can kiss a 'poorly' better, I can wipe away tears of frustration when eldest is struggling with her reading, I can listen intently when close friends breakdown and provide a shoulder and a tissue. I'm not a cryer, I'm the one people cry to. But not this time.

A breakthrough - 

We talk, we relate, we laugh, I cry, he hugs and we are honest. I feel immediately better, and Beau knows that it really is okay to have a wobble. Because even as a parent of a 5 year old I'm far from an Alpha mom. I wing it. I'm going to keep winging it. Eventually I'll soar.


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