Thursday, 31 May 2012

A moment in time (seeit, snap it, love it)

This is Eldest on her third birthday. She stuck a balloon to her heard, her expression just exudes 3 year old happiness. I love this photo very much. It seems so long ago my beautiful girl was 3, and I'm happy everytime I see this snap.

I happened to come across a linky this afternoon that was like a treasure chest of beautiful moments, you can reach it by clicking the link below. Thank you to Dear Beautiful Boy. These photos have just made my day!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

She is all the things.


Eldest is lovely,

She drives me crazy,

Eldest is so funny,

She is so sarcastic I want to poke her in the eye,

Eldest is beautiful,

She uses her pretty eyes to make my buy her more things, she owns all of the things,

Eldest is smart,

She uses her smarts to trick me into things I can no longer go back on, because I bloody agreed already. Arsehole.

Eldest has manners,

After she has given me a bullshit day, she pops out the 'Sorry for today mommy, please forgive me mommy', 'Yes' I reply. 'Thank-you, but you know sometimes when you're mad your face looks a bit too pinky'...

Eldest is wise beyond her years,

She passes her wisdom on to me, every hour of every day, every minute of that hour, and every second and millisecond..  ( I consider duct tape )

Eldest is me in tiny form,

I'm a tit too in that case.

Eldest is my heart,

She took it out the day she was born and has put the squeeze on it everyday since and the stampy feet on it, and some muck on it and then kissed it better.

Eldest is...

Eldest is...

Eldest is a tiny person filled with personality, zazz, umph, love, pride, brains, stupidity, grace, clumsiness, sarcasm and a whole lot more. Honestly? I love her. Even more honesty? She is me and I'm an arsehole.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Inspired Changes.

The past few weeks I've had this niggly feeling every time I've eaten meat, I never used to eat a lot of it anyway, but lately it seems to be all I'm eating. It really is too much.

So I've made the decision to cut meat out of my diet for a while, I'm not saying I'm going to be perfect, I love Salmon & Chicken. I'm destined to fall to me knees in front of a Salmon and herb bagel. It will happen, and that is fine really. It is. As long as I know I'm making a difference to my children's view on food. It's grown with hard work, love and care. We can all enjoy the fruits of this project. I'll be using these things in our cooking lessons & a little bit of biology from the Eldests home ed.

So today I decided that instead of always having to buy certain vegetables and herbs, I'll put my balcony space to good use.

I planted -

  • Coriander, from seed
  • Basil, from seed
  • Plum Tomatoes (poundland kit)
  • Cayenne Chillies (The Works £1.99 - everything included)
  • Pumpkins, from seed
  • Echinacea, from bulb
  • Thyme, Parsley, Basil (The Works £1.99 - everything included)
  • Mixed Lettuce, from seeded pad
  • Kal, from seed
  • 3 Ivy plants (repotted)
  • Sage, Mint, Rosemary, Marjoram - (Pre-planted, ready to use, Morrisons)
  • Blackcurrant, from cutting
  • Dill

 There are a bit extra of things like Basil because I use it a lot in cooking, it's a versatile little gem.

Some are currently in little pots germinating, some are allowed to be thrown into a pot and let loose on the balcony. I'm really excited about this project. I even have a sunflower watering can.

Oh and in case you are wondering what the hell they are currently sitting on, I had a corner unit that didn't go with any other furniture so I took the glass panel out and have used it to place the plants on, waste not want not! And yes that is indeed my fold down clothes airer.

There is another reason I want to do this, I've been feeling like an over consumer more and more. I wrote a post a while back about Thrive.  However since then Sian To from Geekisnewchic, Mummytips & Cybher  has been posting some just heartbreaking things, if you are on twitter you probably saw #ShareNiger being posted a lot. I recommend you look at it all. No words I say now will come close to what you will read and see. I can't urge you enough.

Watching footage that shows a family having just 4 packets of baby food to live on, while sitting in your nice comfy house and consuming a huge amount of food starts to change your perspective. So I'm trying to make a personal change, a small step in the direction of consuming less. I know by me consuming less and growing more of my own things I can't change things for them, but I can instill in my own children how lucky they really are and encourage them to want to make changes if they can when they are older.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Mongolian Blue Spot

Now I had no idea what one of these was, at all. You'd think that being as Mr M is  Vietnamese I would have some inkling of the skin variations in things such as birthmarks. Well I didn't.

Not until my midwife pointed it out to me about an hour ofter Mojo's birth. She wrote a lot about this thing in my notes, but I was too tired to have any idea what she was talking about, and Beau was too elated.

She kindly mentioned it again the day after. Mongolian Blue Spot. What is it?

  • Blue, bluey-grey, blue-black, even deep brown spots on the back, buttocks, base of spine, shoulders, and other body areas
  • Flat area with irregular shape and unclear edges
  • Normal skin texture, no bumps or raised aspects
  • The spots are usually 2 - 8 centimetres in width
  • Not tender or sore to touch
  • They usually fade in the early teens

Mongolian Blue spot, usually found here.              

The reason I am writing this post is that she made it very clear that a large amount of doctors/nurses would mistake a Mongolian Blue Spot for a bruise and that we must always remember that is in her notes.

The distinction between a Mongolian Blue Spot and a bruise

Bruises -  

  • Change colour over time
  • Will usually be a specific shape i.e hand/fist
  • In the cases of abuse there will be various other symptoms such as a withdrawn child, other bruising
  • Will be painful or uncomfortable if touched
 It's very important that shortly after birth if you happen to spot something like this on your child you take them to the baby clinic so that it can be noted down.

It's has been confused for child abuse in previous years, and may continue to be so.

Britmums Prompts #1&2

  • I'm great because I'm funny
  • I love how silly I am
  • In the last few years I shed how I felt, angry and tired and became the Mom I wanted to be
  • I am who I am because I looked around and chose not to be the same, sometimes in life you have to make a change, as women our lives are a constant sea of change, if I don't like something and I can change it, I do. I'm as malleable as I can be now.

My favourite time of the day is first thing in the morning, rain or shine sitting on my balcony relaxing waiting, quietly, listening to the birds & waiting for my girls to shout for Mommy.

Something for Baby

Momma & Mojo the day after our homebirth.

Something for Baby - This might be too obvious but breastmilk is for babies! I love this photo, Mojo is TT and in the end we ended up with some hefty nipple damage. We had a good run and I loved it while it lasted. So these few photos are special to me, this is one I'd like to share.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Mothers Love.

When I was younger, just into university I never wanted children, I saw them as life ending tiny people who would destroy all my hopes and dream. I was right. They ended my self absorbed, over indulgent life and gave me a new lense with which to focus. They destroyed all my hopes and dream, crushed them in to oblivion and gave me a new life, one in which every day was a challenge & exciting. I gained more from my children than they will probably ever gain from me.

When I first felt pregnant, I was 1 day late. Just 1, and I knew. I had been careful, but not careful enough. What to do? Well there were two camps of thought - Why ruin what had been up until this point, a pretty success academic career - or - Babys bring their own love, and some how you will get by.

It will be pretty obvious I went with the last option. It wasn't a decision I made with my mind, if I had the outcome would have been different. It wasn't a logic process for me. Something took over, some weird feeling that I'd never truly felt before. I felt a deep protectiveness, a strong bond & a need for this rice-grain size entity.These cells that would grow into her were meant for me.

I knew early on that the relationship I was in wouldn't survive this, I knew that. I didn't want to be a single parent statistic, tarred with the brush that so many are, but I would be judged. So, I finished Uni with my new sidekick in tow. What else was there to do?

So there we were, me and she. Together.

The joy she brought to my life, was only to be match by the sheer confusion and blur of trying to be Momma while trying to maintain academia. My only regret of this time is missing those tiny changes. She is 5 now, I missed her babyhood. I was there, but I missed it. You don't recover from that, you can't make it up with another child and you can't make it up in later years, it's gone.

You can only continue to love them. Eternally. A Mothers Love.

Something Old.

 This is my Granda meeting Mojo for the very first time. He'll be the 'Something Old' today.

Great Granda meeting 6 month od Mojo.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

#SnapHappyBritMums Water



Holiday Snap.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


My Beau is Vietnamese, his family religion is Buddhist, as such we have a few of these happy fellows that he inherited one way or another place around the house. This is my favourite.

This little gold man is a new addition, his mate next to him is an old hand at this happy business.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Evil Sheep & Pigcat.

So as some of you know if you have ever graced my pages before, we are home schoolers. As part of this I let Eldest unleash her creative tendencies on me often and freely.

 I thought I'd share this afternoon's modelling clay session outcome.

Evil people eating Sheep

Evil people eating Sheep, egged on by Purple Pigcat & Lionmomma

Close up of the Evil Sheep

Lionmomma telling Evil Sheep to run away from the scene of the crime.

Now, I'm not sure where Evil sheep came from, but at the end of the session he went back into a little flat sausage shape and there he will stay until Eldest unleashes her odd imagination on me again.

Taking direction from a 5 year old is strangely liberating.

At any rate... She was happy.

A is for....

Eldests Art.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Adopting Cats.

I want to introduce to you Sid & Nancy...

Sid is the black and white kitty in the photos, this leaves none other than Nancy with the ginger splashes in her fur.
We'd been looking for a Kitten for a white, I had a clear idea of what kind of kitten. Eldest's idea was 'cute and a cat'. So pretty much the same.

I mentioned to one of my pals that we had been looking for a few months and hadn't found anything that felt right. I'm a believer in how you feel about something, no kitten thus far had pulled on my heart stings, not one seemed to fit with us.

She got in touch about 4 days later and asked if i was still looking for a kitten...

"hey, are you still looking for a kitten." Her
" Yes, 100% we are." Me
" Good, my neighbours have some." Her
"Excellent, when can I come over and see them? How old? Colours." Me
" When I said kittens, I meant cats, when I say cats I mean two of them." Her
"Oh... No I don't think I can do that." Me

I had this image in my mind of cats coming into my home, angry, unruly, because I don't know them and they don't know me.
She was at her neighbours house, and at the point I was really devastated, over kitten-cats I'd never seen or met, so I kinda thought that I needed to check it out a bit more. After much detail checking, chipped, neutered, age, genders, good with children, litter training. I made an incredibly rash decision. Something about it felt so right I surprised myself and told her to just bring them over. Just like that, I'd adopted 1yr old cats.

I thought that would pretty much be it, get to know them, let them settle in, meet the girls.

It got so much more complicated, once they arrived, they were a bit of a state. I took a damp cloth and wiped them down, brushed their coats. They sat for me, purred, enjoyed it. Me too. I was falling in love with them already.

They arrived with :

  • Dirty litter box
  • No collars
  • Dirty
  • No toys
  • Hungry, very hungry & thirsty (partly from travelling I assume)

She went on to tell me that they had been kept in a coal bunker for a year, because her neighbour had allergies, and she only let them out when her grandchildren visited every 2 weeks. They never had anything to play with, I'm a believer in stimulating environments for pets, so it might sound minor, but I feel its important.

So day 2 of cats arrival, not only are they gentle souls, they are very loving. My brother has recently moved in (another story entirely) so he stayed with the new additions while I went to pets at home.

Things I bought:

  • Collars - One pink with flowers and a pink bell (Nancy) One black with stars on (Sid)
  • Food & Water bowls
  • Toys - mice, balls, other wizzy things.
  • Food
  • Scratch post 
  • Litter, the same type of litter they had been using but a brand I preferred
£42 later I was armed with jingles and jangles, bowls, toys and tinkles.

I came home to my new additions asleep on my super chair, they are now the only ones allowed on it apart from me.

I'm glad that I didn't find a kitten suitable for us, I'm glad that Sid & Nancy came into our lives. Eldest has been gentle and calm around them, they are oblivious to Mojo and her antics. They purr in the mornings while I do the mass breakfast (including theirs), they hug me until bed time.

What started out trying to find a new baby in the house, ended up as having two beautiful angels.

I can not recommend enough adopting a slightly older cat, wether from RSPCA, Blue Cross, Cats Protection or local paper. Just make sure you have the time, room and a suitable environment. My gorgeous adoptees have landed on their feet & in my heart.

We adopted. It feels great. Kat Karmer.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bloggyist Hobbyist?

As most moms know, it's nice to have a hobby, for most of us it will be the blog itself. Blogging lends itself to a whole host of therapeutic uses, it can be a place to complain, a place to share and a often much needed dose of escapism, while dipping your toes into the lives of others. I do enjoy blogging, like most starter bloggers my audience is probably here by accident, but that's the best bit, you have no idea who is reading about your life, looking at pictures of your family, judging your opinions and poor writing skills (like mine).

 If you take some time out, and really look at some of the blogs around, I'm mainly looking at parent bloggers here, there are a vast array of amazing. When you skip back to your own page, you will be a little deflated at the lack of zazz your own page has.

This is when it happens, you start to really play around with your blog, new backgrounds, different templates, posting more photos, diversifying your posts. Buttons, Binkies, Affiliations, Blogrolls, galleries... The list of extras is very, very exhaustive. But what makes the other blogs around us so interesting is the writer behind it all, the key-pusher.

Those who sit devoted to their audience, because they know who their audience is, who share personal stories, inspiring stories, heartfelt stories, heart breaking tales and most of all honest ones. Sharing very personal parts of the life they lead. It's interesting, it's almost bordering on voyeurism in its most updated terms, it might not be sexual but it is certainly things of a private nature.

We sit down, with our tea/coffee/choice of beverage, ready to devour every word they have written, from there many people comment, this goes to and fro for a while, and eventually they become friends. It's so easy because you already feel like you know each other due to reading almost daily updates about each other, the people around us and our interests. As a parent blogger, as well as outside circles it’s nice to have a online support network of people who are in the same position as you. This takes the blogging into a whole new stratosphere of importance in our lives. Sitting at home, with your glorious spawn trying to carve out time in the day to blog, to connect with the online world, the ones we forged for ourselves. In some cases, even our alter-egos.

There are many parent and baby groups around, but the times might not suit everyone, then what? The easy answer is trying to connect yourself with online groups. Connecting with millions has never been as easy as it is now. Are those relationships lasting? Quite often they are, because there is a connection with people like us, it is easier to nurture a relationship via online media platforms than it is to manage to meet up with real people when you have a busy daily life.

What starts out as a hobby, something to have a go at, can become our main source of interaction, along with your blog; it makes sense to create a twitter account & possibly a facebook, where you can throw your words out into the world and hope they bounce back somewhere along the way.
Create your own personal network, a collection, a support group of the like minded.
There is a lot more to blogging than it being a hobby. It's connecting, it's a catalogue of your life, it’s a platform for controversy and it’s free therapy.

The power of the blogger is also now pretty obvious to companies. They give bloggers the opportunity to test out products, to voice their opinion that will serve as a guide to perspective buyers. We get to keep the products in exchange for taking a time out during our days to write about them. Top bloggers, with a vast amount of readers are in a position to decline a review if they don’t think it will fit with their personal style.

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then the keyboard is mightier than the overpriced advertising agency.

The blog is now an insight into our lives in a way that perhaps is even more personal than meeting for coffee. Pictures, writing styles, personal traumas, due dates, scan pictures, what you are reading, birth videos, what you are wearing, where you political views lie, what you spend, what you save and how you feel is now encapsulated in a virtual world for all to see. We choose as bloggers to allow people into our worlds, who we deem suitable to connect with outside of blog comments and follows, we choose our own hours, our content and our backgrounds.

We choose to let you in, you choose to stay.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mommy routine? Nope.

Why is it that some people without children think that staying at home with kids is routine?

Here are the things I do daily, 100%, everyday - the real routine stuff.

  • Washing up

  • Clothes wash

  • Hoover

  • Prepare food

Now, I'm pretty sure that most people do this, those without those life sucking spawn too. My days are anything but routine, I never have the same conversation, I never clean the same shade of poop up, I never ever have a clue what Eldest is going to say.

 If you go out to work I'm pretty sure you do the same thing everyday, just with perhaps different clients & a different sandwich filling.

My days aren't routine, I do certain things everyday, but they are the typical things to do that keep a (semi) clean ship. So I really don't think they count towards my life being some boring hole of routine where I dream of another way of life, being cooped up in an office, drinking bad coffee and pretending to laugh at my collegues jokes.

Work can be great fun, if you are lucky enough to be in a job that makes your heart sing every morning you get up. Mine does. I'm a mom. 

I used to work in an office, I've worked in a few, I've been to those parties were you are plied with alcohol and talked to about new projects, how to close a deal, been wined and dined because you have a contact someone wants. Nice.
I now sit at home, feed mashed vegetables to Mojo, who laughs, not because she has to but just because she is happy. Eldest tells me about her views on vegetables, and how she is almost certain that some of them must fall out of the clouds because they have bumps on them.

Worth the trade? Yep.
Routine? Never.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


After a long discussion, we aren't in a position currently to foster a child, we do eventually want to share our lives with children who may not have had the best start. So we did what we felt would be the next best thing and we sponsored a child via Bernardo's.

Today in the post I received an amazing gift, one that really did touch the whole family.

In the welcome pack there were a few items, bookmark, key tag, a card which I will keep in my purse & a lollipop stick drawing made by the sponsored child which is attached to a card that tells you about the child. I sat and read the details out to Eldest and explained what we had done, she said she was happy that I had a big heart for lots of children. Touching.

As well as the welcome pack there is a website which I can visit in order to see updates on how the little star is doing. I love this, I'm a web nut.

 What it came down to was this - We want to give. We don't have buckets of room in our current house, we don't have high flying jobs which enable us to dish out loads of cash to a few charities, although I would love to be involved in more. I've worked with a large charity in the past, I've seen first hand the excellent work they do and the help they need to continue it. After posting about THRIVE in April, taking part with FairTrade Steps in February and attending a few thing previous to all the blogging business, I felt it was time to put my own money where my mouth is. I'll sign petitions, most of us will, but handing over money is another matter. I've done it, I couldn't be happier.

So here are the details :

  1. Go to Barnardo's < Here.
  2. Read it. Really read it.
  3. The click the Sponsor a Child Now button
  4. Feel good.

After all you can't take your money with you, so why not put it to good use. 

Love x

Post holiday post.

Okay, I haven't posted in a while, it has been quite manic.

In a previous post I mentioned us going away, Mojo's first flight, she was in fact a dream. Mojo and eldest laughed as loud as possible during turbulence (the weather was terrible) and cheered up the other people on the flight. Many comments after the flight about how cute they were and so on, lovely!
We went up as a surprise to celebrate my Nana's 70th birthday, she nearly fell away with shock. Mission complete.
 As a gift to her I filled a photo album up of pictures of the girls, many many of them. In the front we put a note from Eldest & Mojo. She was a bit teary, so I'd say a good gift. Living hundreds of miles isn't easy for my grandparents, now they are great-grandparents I think it makes it harder to say goodbye.

Mojo zonked after her meal.

The view outside the place we ate

Eldest having a great time.

At the dinner table on the day of birthday we had Christmas crackers, true to our style of celebration told each other all the jokes, wore the hates and played with the small toys....
Me with the worlds smallest trumpet and a moustache...
I might look a bit drunk on that photo, but the hat had slipped down into my eye. Really.

All in all was a great holiday! It's nice to be back too.

I'd like to share a personal picture with you, it's one of my Granda meeting Mojo for the first time.

That's it for now.

Love xx


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