Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Arse pain.

 I have come to a weird cross roads, I am trying to change my life. Not so much where I live, jobs or family. Nothing so big. Mostly just me. Change myself.

I mentioned in a previous post about changing things, perhaps you are a bit sick of my crusade to change things.

I started the gym yesterday. I went and my little fat bottom was unceremoniously worked out. At the end of it, while leaving I mentioned that 'My arse hurts... a lot'. It really did.

I don't really care about losing weight as such, I would just fancy being a bit fitter for my spawn. They like to do things, I like to take them to do things. I would prefer at the end of the day to not be in a heap of quivering wobbles and exhausted. So gym it is then.

I enjoyed it, I really did, it was fun. It also made me remember how much I used to enjoy it, not so much the work-out but the thoughtlessness that ensues. The mindless movement. I get to do some of my favourite things, put my headphones in and disappear. I don't really mind sweating if I'm honest. I am not very often in life dirty in anyway. Being in the gym I can be a walking patch of dampness, and it is okay. Cause so are most other people. It's cool ya'.

I got myself a little gym kit, but I totally haven't decided on trainers yet. I wanted to go for a few more weeks with my old faithfuls and then try some out. If you happen to be a gym go-er, or anything similar and have a good recommendation I would very much appreciate it.

For now, my arse is in pain & I am happy about it.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Former self, discovery.

I know who I used to be, I know how I used to be. I liked me. A lot. I thought I was 'the shit'. Somewhere a long the way I became less 'the shit' and a bit more just shit. Or that is currently how I feel. Yeah, babies change you and so does time. But does that really mean we change who we are/were and what we believe in? For me it seems to have. Fuck that.

The past few weeks, following on from post about confidence, I have been on a journey of self re-discovery. Taking another look at what I'm doing now, who I am now. Mostly, I didn't like what I was. If I had to scale myself now against my previous self. I would call me tepid. Tepid.


  1. (esp. of a liquid) Only slightly warm; lukewarm.
  2. Showing little enthusiasm: "tepid applause".

Well. What?  Yes, I am in fact tepid. My clothes are that of someone I am not. My hair is quite true to myself, purple and unruly. The things in my home reflect parts of me, I have graphic novels, a loud brightly coloured rug, games. I like games. The music on my laptop is me, loud, filled with lengthy guitar riffs & heavy drums. Yeah, I have definitely been here at an earlier date. My children are me, one has a vile temper, manipulative, destructive and the other is a barefoot, loose haired hippy with the self-awareness of wombat.

 I am not sure what it is, but I have a need to shed my boring, tired skin. I was trying to be that smart, neat, groomed mother/woman you see. She has her shit together. Or does she?

I don't wanna be that woman. I would rather have by shit everywhere, I know what I am doing that way. I need to rid my life of the things I accumulated while trying to be the other person, the one I'm not. Once that is done, I need to refill those gaps with things that fit. I have changed what I eat, where I eat, when I eat, what I spend. I go out more often with people I love. I feel almost brand new. If you forgive the wear and tear of motherhood.

I feel like I have been in a little cocoon. Now? I'm breaking out.

The sad truth is, I have been lost. Maybe we all lose ourselves from time to time. But there is nothing like coming home. So that is where I am going. I am going to my own personal home.

Now 'scuse me while I go and unearth some more of me. I know there is some around here somewhere...

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Stuff I wish I'd known about 5 year olds.

There are things I wished I knew pre-pregnancy, and there are things I wished I knew about birth. But who the hell prepares you for the older years? They're not toddlers & not teens. The inbetweens?

 I wish someone had said to me -

  • Stock up on headaches relief, they don't stop talking, ever.
  • Be prepare to answer questions all day.
  • Be prepared to be embarrassed - daily- in public.
  • When they get upset at something silly, for example their Moshi Monster just told them it doesn't like them. It's serious when your 5. So don't laugh. 
  • When they decide to dress themselves, try not to look to confused when they are wearing a headband as a bandanna and a skirt as a top. Or a jumper as a hat - See below.
  • When you get told they have just farted, it's because you encouraged them to share. It's you're own fault.
  • When they stand and point out every flaw you have one by one, they don't think these things are flaws - only you do.
  • If they happen to ask why you have fluffy patches where then don't, see point 2.
  • Sometimes, children of that age believe they are older than they are, this may in fact cause them to tell you off as if you were younger than them. They will indeed use the phrases you use. (the ones you said you'd never say when you were a parent).
  • You will never keep up with the energy of your child, you can try, but when they left your body they took most of it with them. 
  • They can do things without you. They like to do things without you. They like to not mention to you that they have done them. They got craft while you weren't looking.
  • You love them, more than they love you, and now you will begin to see it.  
  • Atleast once a day they will do something that may bring you to your knee in surprise.

Friday, 13 July 2012


This time I even have pictures. Fancy that!


First up Maby Land prizes,  running till 13th August and the winner will be selected at 5pm. There is 2 products in this prize. Let us have a look at the spoils up for grabs...
RRP £9.99
RRP £12.99
And here is the link : Maby Lands Childrens Set.

Next up we have a Snugglebundl up for grabs, for those of you who aren't familiar here is a little picture. This will be running till 13th August and the winner will be selected at 5pm.

RRP £39.99
All you have to do is click the link & sign up for a chance to win : Snugglebundl

Now we have an awesome prize, Prince Lionheart Balance Bike. I actually think this is amazing.

From £50-£80
Here is the link : Prince Lionheart Balance Bike 

And finally Liberty Print Dribblebuster Bib, it'e the one pictured below.

RRP £9.99
Here is the link: Dribblebuster

Have fun & good luck!!

All this info is curtesy of the lovely people over at Kids One Stop Shop. 
Follow them : @mumscoffeeclub

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Bump to Baby Pictures.

A few of the various bump sizes of Mojo. She was a pesky one, she facing the wrong way, nothing so serious as breech, but simple back to back. I just thought I might share a few photos with you. On of the pics is from the homebirth. Any way lovelies. Here are bumps.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Competition & Discounts

  I have for you, my beautiful passer-by a list of current competitions and discounts. I was going to give each one a seperate little post, however to find what you want would take and age. This way it is all at your finger tips. 

So like... Here you go.

Trunki London 2012 - Closing Date - 27th July

Sales, Promotions and Discount Codes 

1.       Kiddicare - Baby and toddler Event -100’s of savings and free delivery on orders over £29.99
2.       Toys R Us/Babies R US - This is their biggest sale ever with up to 50% off - Toys R Us sale.

3.       Liberty London - Up to 75% off - Liberty Sale

4.       JoJo Mamen Bébé - There is an On Going offer of Buy 2 Get £5 off the order this is across a wide range of boys and girls clothing.-  JoJo Mamen BéBé

All this info is curtesy of the lovely people over at Kids One Stop Shop

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mixed Race Mojo

Okay, for those of you have been on my blog a few times - there are a few of you-  then you maybe already know that Mister Mojo is Vietnamese, Eldest is all Caucasian and what not like me, and Mojo is a wonder jumbly puddle of me and Mister Mojo.

You know how when oil and water mix you get a rainbow? Well, she is like that. The best of both of us.

 So why is it, that people think they have the right to point or whisper?

Do you think that she is funny? Do you think we are funny? No, you are just being a prick.

I am serious, you are being a prick. Why do you assume you have some divine right to mention the fact that she is 'Eurasian' WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ANYWAY.

I am serious, someone once said to be 'I've always fancied a Eurasian baby, but I don't think I could sleep with someone like that'. Really? Well, keep your fanny to yourself then dear. 

She is a baby. Just a baby, not a 'colour' you ignorant shit.

Before we had  Mojo we had a few occasions, even at a cash register where people didn't know what to so to me and Mistr Mojo. What is there to say? Take my money and give me my stuff please.

 Do I judge you for who ever you are with? Nope.

When I was pregnant 'I wonder what colour it will be'. Mmmm.

You can, in my opinion be free to love who ever you should so choose.

That really is it, I'm not going to say 'whatever ethnic background, male, female, plant, mineral' because that isn't even a factor. Just love who you love.

As we walk hand in hand, with Mojo strapped to one of us in the carrier and Eldest running around talking about purple potatoes & poo, we get to occasion 'awwwwww' for both of them. Yeah, yeah lady - I know they are cute kids, I made them that way and everything. But you over there, you who just pointed and said 'Are they together? IS THAT A BABY? I wonder what colour it is.'

Don't think I didn't hear you.

So here it is, my rant. Do not think that you can make me feel bad, because you can't. You can make me angry, as a mother I am protective of my spawn, no matter how ridiculous you think they are. I will punch you in the eye socket.

 Mister Mojo doesn't take notice, he tells me not too either. This is lovely of him, but should he really have to ignore it? It shouldn't even be there to be ignored.

This isn't a campaign of any kind. I am simply saying, keep your shit comments to yourself.

I will punch you in the eye socket.

This is a personal experience, I am not saying everyone does it, because they don't. I'm also not saying it happens all the time. It does however happen enough for me to notice. It is a sad occasion when it does, she is my daughter you know? I made her. Some people seem to think I made her wrong because of who I have chosen to be with.

Mojo isn't wrong, me and Mister Mojo aren't wrong, you are.

 Yeah, I know, two ranty posts in one week? I think I should go and sit in a dark room for a moment and calm down. Or you could totally get me a gin, I'd be happy with that.

Offers anyone?

Abel & Cole - Our first box

Tag line

'Welcome to Abel & Cole - Organic vegetable boxes, fruit, meat & more. The best organic food delivered to your door'

Well, yes. Today was my first delivery from any company of this kind, I have had groceries from various supermarkets in the past. This feels different. For a start they one gave me one plastic bag with a note to return it. Love you. A box I could fold down and return so it can be used again. You beauties.

 So I open the box, with a little trepidation if I am totally honest. I want this to be good, I want this to be exciting. Who ever thought open a box of vegetables & fruit would be so exciting?

Anyway, to the content of the box. I know you are hanging on every word just to find out...

  • 9 Brown Mushrooms
  • 4 Oval Tomatoes
  • 1 Cos Lettuce
  • 5 Peaches
  • 5 Nectarines
  • 6 FairTrade Bananas
  • 3 Courgettes
  • 7 stem Celery bunch
  • 7 Agata Potatoes
  • 3 Sweet Potatoes
  • 9 Carrots
  • 5 Onions
That is a fairly big box of goodies!

Here are some pictures, the quality is just beautiful.

Opening the lid of excitement

Oval Tomatos

Cos Lettuce

Brown Mushrooms

Juicey Nectarines

Fuzzy Peaches
FairTrade Bananas

Courgettes & Celery in the background

Amazingly Awesome Bag of Spuds.

Agata Potatoes - you can smell the dusting of dirt, divine.

The Sweet Potatoes
Onions, Carrots, Sweet 'taters

This was in the box, an amazing book worth a whopping £12.99

A little guide. I love when companies take the time to do this.

The whole box was £25, as a tester for us I am so happy with the quality of the produce in side, I am more than happy with the recylable packaging.

I want my vegetables to be oddly shaped, I want that dirt smell on my potatoes, I want the non perfect things. I grow a small amount of veg & herbs, none of them are perfect because they aren't mass produced to fit supermaket standards. It is a true joy.

All in all I am delighted. As such I'm not sure I will be ordering anywhere else in a hurry.

Thank you Able & Cole.  One very happy family.

Disclaimer - I have NOT recieved this in order to review I am just so happy with it I wanted to share.

Note from Eldest - As the resident Banana expert 'These Beenarnars are so awesome I want to eat them forever.'


Monday, 2 July 2012

Don't Cover Up Domestic Abuse.

I'm going to be honest, when I got the email from Kate (Over at Kateonthinice) & Britmums I knew straight away I wanted to be involved. I wanted to take part. I wanted to put my voice into this. I want to make a difference. And all of a sudden I don't know what to say. I watch the video, which isn't explicit, it doesn't show violence. It hints at it, it nudges you gently into the fact it is happening.

It softly drops you into the reality that there are women out in the world being abused. And hiding it.

I am going to share it with you, I don't care if you have seen it before. Please watch.

** Lauren Lukes injuries are fake, but someone somewhere has the real ones.

What would you do?

If you heard this through the walls of your house? If this was you best friend? If this was your sister?

What would you do if this was your daughter? Your grandchildren? 

Would you stand-by, or would you do something? Would you stand up for them? Would you support them? This abuse? The violence?

 Refuge do. Refuge stand up.

I will be honest with you guys, I am having serious touble typing this. I get a stone so heavy in the bottom of my stomach as I read the statistics.

Domestic violence affects 1 in 4 woman. 1 in 4. 1 in 4

Half of woman ages 18-21 have experienced atleast one domestic violence.

65% of women who experience domestic violence don't tell anyone. 

Two women are killed by a current or former partner every single week in England and Wales.


Imagine being in a situation where you felt so alone, so tender and so broken. Feeling ashamed because you are in this situation. I want to be very clear when I say the next bit, ready?

Domestic abuse isn't just about violence, it can vary, it can be emotional torture, & financial abuse. The bruisings of domestic abuse aren't always visable. Whats more is we as a society can turn a blind eye, even when this person is close to us. Why? Why do we do this? Is being beaten up shameful? Is being verbally beaten daily too difficult for us to deal with?

If there has ever been a time where woman have placed themselves in more powerful positions it is now. We fight for other countries who need our help, we pledge money, we send valuable resources, we raise money for animals & wildlife.

 While our next door neighbour is being reduced to a bleeding, broken shell of a person.

It is time to take action. It is time to make a difference. It is time to care.

We need to stand for Mothers, Daughters, Wives, Sisters, Grandmothers, Friends & Strangers.

There some beautiful things you can do to support this campaign. Some easy things too.

Don't Cover Up Domestic Abuse.

Here is a list of  Links & Useful numbers for many kinds of support.

Sunday, 1 July 2012


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