Friday, 1 March 2013

Funny family quirks.

I have been thinking a lot recently, about a lot of things. It happens to us all I think. There are times where you sit and ponder, not about big important things. But about things that matter to you. Family, health, work. The small things to other people but the building blocks of who you are a as a person.

 I was sitting in the girls room on th floor with a sock and a plastic cabbage on my head, a crocodile pupped on my right hand and a plastic carrot in my left hand. I was being fed a plastic egg covered in dribble by Mojo and at the same time being serenaded by Eldest. A thought popped into my head.

I wonder how many parents are doing something equally peculiar.

I sing this song after dinner 

I know it's not cool but they love it! And I also remix it and add this one in ....

As soon as I start the SNAAAAAKKKEEEEEE Mojo starts clapping her hands and yelling SNAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS It's fun.

We do our own version of the Harlem Shake. It's the most stupid thing you'll ever see, unless you've seen me marching along to one of the last videos. The Harlem Shake in our version consists of Eldest bouncing aound and me and Mojo standing still, then as the beat drops Mojo starts swinging around like a crazed ape and stamping her feet yelling 'WOOOOOOOOO', this can go on for a very long time.  It's also super fun.

Next up, is of course Gangnam Style. But, we are geeky, we don't just do this to the track, oh no. We have The Transforms for support.

Eldest has a saying 'see you when the egg cracks'this is how she says 'I'll see you in the morning'.

Instead of 'I love you million' I get 'I love you 50 20 72'. That is a big number when you're 6. I will take it. The first time she ever replied to 'Love you millions' she said 'Love you with all my onions too'. I can't tell if it's an improvement.

Mojo has taken to chanting around the house. A few of the more recent ones include..

'Moooooommmmmyyyyy die, die die die die die dieeeemmmooooooommm' - I don't like that one
'Wheeereeeeesssdddadddddyyyyyywheeressssdaddy' - Usually while hitting Eldest with a box.
'Bejus, Bejus BEBUSSSS' - This is actually supposed to be Jesus (original story, I said Oh Jesus at the table, Mr M started singing 'Jeeeesussss, oh Jeesssusss' and now she chants it while clapping her hands)

Mr M did a dance and I wish I could share the video... He was dancing around singing 'Do what you wanna dooo, do whatcha ned to dooooo' then started taking his cothes off. The video isn't suitable for anyone.

 Not even me without a few gins down my spout.

So I thought I'd take a minute and share some of our latest quirks with you all, feel free to share yours too!

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