Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Gallery: Red

It's the little things most of the time. Sometimes the tiny things. Well, we were making a gift for a family member, all the children had to draw or paint something, it would be compiled and put into on of those keepsake gift books. Mojo was 5 months old, highly unlikely I was going to let her loose with felt tip pens or with paint.

So the next best thing?


So, I decided to paint her very tiny 5 month old foot with a bright red paint. After getting it succesfully on to the paper, I also managed to get it on my jumper, table, her clothes and a wall on the way up to the bath.

I love this picture. Tony red foot.

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  1. Footprints are such lovely keepsakes. Lovely x

  2. Wow - looks a lot better than my attempt at the footprint task!

  3. Aww that's so lovely and a really unique gift idea.

  4. Beautiful! I've just done the same with my toddler's hands - but in green!

  5. It's a gorgeous footprint! Little things like that make great memories :)

  6. That looks like fun - a great memory too as they don't stay little for long!

  7. Ah so cute! Love the hand and feet prints amazing how soon they outgrow their prints x


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