Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I can Pigeon.

I'm at that stage of pregnancy where people can't quite tell if you've put weight on your stomach because you're a very, very good baker and cake taster - like me OR if in fact you are pregnant.

This is strange for me as I've been really strict with my food consumption - not a diet! No need for a lecture here, just watching what I've been eating and not letting it be anything that in fact I really enjoy (sugar and baked good).

The light in the dark is I am also a good cook, I think these things happen in the years you stay at home taking care of the family and indeed Mr has the appetite of an Ox. On a Sunday I will cook a full roast, he has a really big plate - really big. You'd think he was HUGE but in fact he isn't, he just has a little round tummy. This has come in handy on many occasions when Mojo has been a little poorly. She leans her head on his chest, snuggles in and will fall asleep. I'm sure you can picture the pose.

I digress.

Back to the point. I've also be walking. Quite I walk a long way, along the canal. Before my SPD sets in hard and heavy again I wanted to at least keep walking. The lovely folk at What To Expect UK sent me some goodies the other week, and I've been so busy DOING the activities I forgot to write the post. Wazzack.

So, in the package I got the What To Expect book, which I like to read as though it were a trashy holiday novel - every night. The What To Expect movie, which I love. I really appreciate the dads in that movie but that is another review for another time.

What To Expect When You're Expecting the workout! I'm addicted. There are days where I don't do it. The couch days. However I have a set little workout that I enjoy doing.

I start with the Barefoot & Pregnant; it gets you going and isn't rough at all, followed by the Baby Steps which the girls join in with so it turns into a bit of an affair. Arms flailing and of course the all important toddler wiggles.

I finish this all off with the Mind, Body and Baby. Yes I can Pigeon.

I know keep fit during pregnancy can be the last thing on your mind; I've done it twice now. With Eldest I was super fit, walking miles every day for the whole 10 months. With Mojo I was walking occasionally and I really like yumyums. The difference between the births? Nothing really. I felt more than able to cope with both of them, both babies were delivered safely. I don't even remember a difference in energy levels during or after. However this time round I'm trying to keep my stress levels down. Taking 30 minutes out of the day is really helping me to manage that, the yoga is so gentle that when my SPD finally does break me I can take the lesser stretch and carry on.

Oh and you have to get used to the very cutesie talking; 'Work it sexy mama' and things like that.
It is easy to look past and is still fun. 

You can pick up the What To Expect When You're Expecting The Workout for £3.91 from and I really recommend it!

*I was gifted the What To Expect bundle

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