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Christmas Gaming Gift Ideas

As you may know already we play a lot of games in our house. We have done the midnight opening, pre-orders and we really appreciate having have good gaming gear. I could go into a hefty list of my favourite brands for P.C or Laptop gaming, which games made the 'played from start to finish in one go' list lately AND what games we will be passing around as the impromptu gifts in the next few months. However this post will be covering 2 mains items -
  • Gaming Televisions - What should you be looking for?
  • Next Gen gaming headsets from Gioteck. 
If like us you play a lot of console as well as P.C or Laptop games then you'll want to know how to improve the performance or what you should be looking for in order to get the best out of your set-up. Even more so with the next gen consoles coming out. We are in camp PS4 - but who isn't?

 So with that in mind we put together the list of what we would consider as our gaming TV  and why.

We've gone for a mid range choice. We have steered away from plasma as although the game play can be smoother because they don't have issues with motion blur we tend to play first person shooters, combat games and other lighter games - where the use of the LED/LCD screen will be made more use of as it provides a slightly brighter colour. We've also based this on the assumption that the television will probably be going into a teenagers room rather than being a family telly - so no need for the massive screen. Also we'd like to avoid screen burn. We may need to leave a game paused for a while if there is something going on, the last thing we want is any damage. Newer plasma televisions don't always have the same issues, they come with screen savers and so on BUT if you know it may be a problem - you'd rather avoid it.

There are a few things though, you're not going to notice the difference really between a 720p and a 1080 on a screen that is less than 40" so that isn't something you need to really look out for unless you're planning on getting a big television.

Another thing to note is that a lot of the time Hz over say 120Hz are just fluff as most games are based around 30-60 fps (frames per second). So although it's nice to have a higher Hz for movies, for games it's a little over the top and to avoid input lag - turn OFF any true motion. By doing this you'll avoid any potential tearing in the screen. What you want is a television that has Hz in multiples of 30/60 so it all fits together nicely. You don't want your telly to spend a few milliseconds working stuff out and filling the gaps. And HDMI can only refresh in 24, 30 or 60 fps. So math makes sense!

If your selection/budget is a little smaller then 100hz will be more than fine.

So with all that information (and more if you spend some time researching) We found 2 TV's that we'd use for gaming -

Samsung UE32F5500 32inch LED Full HD Freeview HD SMART TV 100hz


With 3 HDMI connections you can plug in your console/laptop/other quite happily. It also comes with built in Wi-Fi, Dolby Pulse surround sound and comes with a bunch of cool features like Youtube, BBCiplayer and probably some more awesome stuff. 32 inches of goodness.
Price tag - £369.99

Panasonic TXL32E6B 32inch LED Full HD My Home Screen Freeview HD Silver





This one comes packed with 4 HDMI connections, personalised homescreen, built in Wi-Fi, web browsing, Dolby Plus surround sound, multi window and is super slim. 

Price tag -




Both of those give good bang for your buck if you're looking to give a bit of a techy gift this year to your nearest and dearest these two are really worth considering.


You have a television and it works just fine BUT you know you'll be getting a next gen console for Christmas OR buying one. Then we had a look through the newest line of PS4 gaming headsets from Gioteck. 

As avid P.C/Laptop gamers we all have a pair of headphones - we don't share and we don't compromise on quality either. This is one area where we will spend out to get what we are looking for. If you are as dedicated to what you play as we are then you'll be the same when spending on console headsets. 

Gioteck made the announcement about ten days ago about their new line of next gen headsets, we checked it out just as we do for all brands in the gaming genre - P.C or console - it's nice to be up to date with new tech and the improvement that can be made on your gaming experiences. 

With that in mind let us go straight in with the only two we'd consider that would make an improvement on the gaming experience. The first one was the top choice by the males in the house. Their argument 'for' this bit of tech was simply - wireless is priceless. They are right to some extent, wireless gaming is a joy. Walking to kitchen to make a drink while having your mates chatting away is a cool experience.


First up is the EX-06 which will be in shops and online from around the 7th of December onwards in the UK, (the rest of the world will vary, but won’t be that different). The EX-06 is now entering stores for current gen and PC/Mac but THIS will be a PS4 specific unit. The headset will be wireless, having a USB powered dongle which connects to the PS4, and which will utilise the phono out connections on the back of your TV for all your game sound. The headset in turn will have a small cable which will connect directly to the PS4 controller for all your chat needs. Simple to setup, and a total, reliable solution from day one!
Suggested Retail Price: £69.99

Next up was my firm fav - I like a big set of cans, a comfortable headband. The only down fall is that it is wired! I prefer the model by far though.
Secondly we have the EX-05s, the newly upgraded version of the VERY popular EX-05 headset. This again, is a PS4 specific version. It is a WIRED headset, and has a central USB hub connector which has a cable going to the PS4 controller for chat, and two phonos to the back of your TV for game sound and music.
Suggested Retail Price: £39.99

Both are brilliant choices for console gaming, the wireless element of the EX-06 tip the scale hugely with it's flexibility but the looks of the EX-05s are way better. Tough call!

  Most of the Gioteck next gen headsets which will be hitting shops (retail and online) for the UK launch of the PS4, the 29th of November 2013 (ahead of many other brands).


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