Thursday, 7 November 2013

Christmas Gifts and Competition!

This time of year everyone starts looking for what cool, unique and awesome gifts they can give to their loved ones. It's hard sometimes, we always say 'what do you give someone who has everything?' - each year it becomes a little bit harder to give the right thing. So this year we are going handmade/personalised or bust!

 I have always been a fan of the personalised or handmade items. I just think the thought put in it becomes a little bit more, it's more important to get it just right. Not only that some of the best things I've ever had have been a handmade like a card Mr M gave me with a shoddy metal heart glued on to it, Eldest made me a candle holder that looked like a dog turd and my Nana send me the ugliest scarf and hat set that I still use. You can't find my turdy candle holder in the shops but it meant more to me than anything she could have bought.

 I have given out handmade photo albums, printed ones, candles, cards the whole shabang too. There is something satisfying about either making it yourself or finding the right company/person to make it for you.

My list of things that are lovely to give and even lovelier to get are :

  • Handmade jewellery - I love it (and make it)! You can get it made to order, exactly how you want it. If you know someone who loves Winnie-the-Pooh rather than waste money on the mass produced take a minute and find something unique!
  • Photo albums. You can buy one and sit and clip all the photos, decorate and have a great time with them, they are always personal and special. I love to sit and annotate them.
  • This year we are making little gift baskets with handmade candles and soaps! This one may get a bit messy but that is half the fun.
  • Knitted stuff. My Nana tried to knit and I got the most awkward items for years.We make jokes about ugly jumpers and socks, but there is a lovely bit where you eventually put the jumper on and it's cosy, wonderful and reminds you that you are loved (and maybe a little itchy now).
  • Another thing I like to give and isn't the most excited thing is calendars and diaries. My Nana has sent me a diary every year since I can remember. You know those strange peach coloured deals with the picture of 3 dogs on the front? That. So this year I'm going to gently tell her there is no need. I have something perfect lined up... and does she want one?!
If like me you love to get something personal to you then you should enter the competition below! If you can't wait that long just head straight over to Personal Planner.

I've just been through their ordering process and it's super easy, I've added some pictures of Eldest and Mojo to mine, added space for ideas, to-do lists and so much more which will help me with work and blogging. They've even been very smart and added a colouring book option!! Which for me and Mojo is brilliant, she LOVES to doodle when we stop for a coffee in the cold. I'm really excited for mine to arrive and will be posting a review as soon as it does! 
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  Good Luck!!


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