Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mumkind WOW pick-me-up!

Just before I was shipped off to the hospital to birth the mewling newling I responded to a shout out from Mumkind on twitter about nabbing a free product - So I replied in the hopes of some goodies.


 In some lux looking purple paper I found three bottles. I have to say am a bit of a sceptical person so I did give a little snort about the magical powers this vial claimed to possess. Here is the blurb -

The day before the induction I decided to try it out. Timing wasn't great as I could have been working off the buzz of knowing Tiny was going to be arriving the day after OR it could have been the super juice. Who knows. I also popped a bit in my water jug at the hospital. 

After getting out of hospital, with my baggy newborn eyes I was feeling good but thirsty due to breastfeeding and tired due to shooting a person out of my vagina just a few days before.

I have a big jug, I fill this big jug and then empty the content into my belly. Big jugs of water. Very refreshing but for me water does lose it's va-va-voom. I remember about the little bottles of zoom juice I had stashed away and added it to my water. I can say that it really made a difference to how I was feeling. I pepped up quite a lot, the taste isn't boring and is something you can drink more than one glass of quite happily. So I did.

I REALLY enjoyed using this product. I will admit to begin with I was very sceptical and now I am a supporter. I think I will purchase more in the near future too asI find they keep me going on the long evening session Tiny is just getting started on.

To get in touch with Mumkind:

Tweet @Mum_kind
To check out some other awesome products visit the website Mumkind

* I received product free of charge as stated above however I have chosen to review and share with you all as I loved it so much. I wish I had checked them out in the last few months of pregnancy too.

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