Wednesday, 30 April 2014

How to be a freelance writer (blogcamp tips)

Another brilliant panel. This was my favorite it really gave great insight into what is possible when you start out with even the littlest blog.

The panel consisted of Alison Perry of The Motherhood and Not Another Mummy Blog, Molly Forbes of Mother's Always Right, (the very lovely) Fi Star-Stone of Childcare is fun! and  someone called Rachel who wrote a book (sorry for the vague last member!)

So there we have quality featured writers, editorial experience, radio slots interviews and books being published. A very brilliant panel.

My notes are an interpretation of what was said and how I could use it in my blogging and beyond.

Pitching Ideas

  • Pitch the idea, not the full article
  • Know what you're talking about 
  • Look at their readership
  • Don't write long emails
  • Look at the unique angel - why should you write this article?
  • In the subject line 'Feature pitch: HEADLINE'
  • In your first line give a brief summary - make the impact
Making the move

So you've decided to go for it and make the leap from blogger to paid blogger/feature writer and freelance journalism. Here are a few things that might help you on the way
  • Guest writing - get your name appearing in more than just one place and for a different audience
  • Do some free writing for your portfolio and for some practice
  • Have a page on your blog OR a separate website where you can list where you've been featured, information and a contact. Think of this like an online business card - but with more space. 
  • Take part in case studies, read case studies and use them in your writing.  
  • Let people use quotes when asked, it's a good way to start getting your name out there.

Things to remember

  • Don't be put off if you're ignored, there are many people sending in ideas everyday
  • Write down your ideas - even the vaguest of titles might turn into a great feature
  • Re-use your ideas - on your blog, online magazine and print - change the tone and format to suit each media you intend to send it to
  • Blogs are used to track trends, read blogs and keeps yours up to date
  • Your pile of blog awards will matter a little less to an editor who thinks a BiB is what you mop up baby dribble with
  • Have the confidence to promote you, your writing skills and what you do.
  • Networking events are worth it - if you can get to them then do.
  • Reply to press releases - keep the lines of communications open
  • You can negotiate with SEO when they pitch a job to you, but if you are pitching to an online mag (or other) they have a whole host of staff writers they can replace you with. 

Those were my notes from the panel. 

I'd like the thank the speakers for giving us some fab information and no doubt the inspiration to many of us to make some changes!


  1. Great post! Glad you enjoyed the session. x

  2. Good tips missus x sounds like a great session ;) xx


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