Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Mummy Makes Milk - Review

If you have more than one child, the chances are maybe they haven't been around breastfeeding or were maybe too small to remember. Having a toddler and a slightly older one at 7 I was waiting for the questions. At first Eldest felt awkward, she didn't like it. Even though she has never been exposed to anything adverse about breastfeeding. The toddler laughed like a maniac and said 'FEED IT, FEED THAT BABY'. Very different responses.

I muddled along, I explained that I was simply feeding the smallest one and that it was a very good thing.

When I heard of the book I immediately wished that I had been able to give it to Eldest in advance, so perhaps she wouldn't have had that reaction. I had a fondness as soon as I saw the cover.

 The book itself is written in a smart way, it's not too child like, it mentions breasts, babies crying and even what breast milk is like, but really hits on the questions that Eldest had asked me and I would guess most children would ask.

Something we all laughed at was the baby crying. A few days after we got back from the hospital with Littlest I was grabbing a very swift shower (you know what it's like) between feeds and she started to cry. For the few minutes I wasn't there no one could do anything! As soon as I arrived she began to feed all was solved. It was something the girls could immediately recognise.
Something I loved about the book is the brightly coloured and quirky style of illustration. Hilda Kripp - Partridge injects a unique and fun style of art and both my girls loved the pictures. 

This is something that will become familiar in most breastfeeding households and is beautifully pictured, sitting as a family and more than likely you'll be feeding!

All in all this book is something lovely, if you have a baby on the way and want to spend some time with your little ones covering the topic of breastfeeding. Perhaps you want to cover it anyway even if you aren't!

What I truly love is the dedication and it think it speaks for itself.

To breastfeeding mums everywhere

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