Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Songs Spotify App & Let It Go

I'm a bit of a Spotify addict. Every piece of tech in the house capable has Spotify installed on it. I love music and I have long playlists that I like to listen to during my day while I'm blogging or in the evening while I'm gaming.
 If I don't have any content that I want to write up then I let Eldest use Spotify on my old laptop (which she uses for work sometimes). We like very different types of music she likes 1 Direction (who I thought were the wanted this one time...), Katy Perry and a few other that I am too old to know about apparently.

  Rather than have her mess about on my playlists and risk her deleting a playlist so good that it would make me emosh out about it if it were deleted or edited she uses an app call My Songs.

 It has a bright yellow logo so she knows that is hers and can't get it confused with anything else on there.

Eldest clicks this little yellow square and now has access to a lot of kid friendly pre-made playlists.

Once you enter the app you are presented with a child friendly navigation system. I didn't have to explain anything to Eldest and she is only 7.

I think the two with great relevance to right at the moment is Halloween playlists and the Christmas ones. So once you have gone into your chose categories this is what it will look like if there is more than one playlist available.

You have the option to subscribe and share each playlist which means if you have a social little one then they can pass their favourites along to their pals OR you can pass them on to your own parenty friends when they need some tracks to keep the kids happy. 

I think it is a great alternative to the somewhat outdated CD and still give the parents a great deal of control over what they listen to. You will have to check some playlists as they do have a few tracks on there that aren't going to be for everyone like Nicki Minaj. 

With the festive season coming up this will actually be our choice over the radio or any of our CD's. 

If you need further prompting - have this track which you can find on the album My Favourite Movie Songs - 


We were given a CD of children's music in exchange for this write up, all opinions are my own. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Our Christmas List (for the house) & what it means to us.

We love Christmas, who doesn't? If you are a grinchy bum yer in the wrong place pal.

So this morning the ladies took themselves to Google and this is my list of what would make their Christmas house 'perfect'.

Spaceship Silver and Angel Delight Pink tinsel, baubles and lights

Wild flower, wreath for the door, with ribbons and sticks (uhm??)

Fireplace garland to match the wreath

Stockings - Eldest - Elsa 
                                           Middle Kid - Minnie Mouse
                Ivy - Olaf 

Big green tree that smells good and has to go in a bucket of mud

I thought their list of things was very sweet. Getting the house decorated and prepped for Christmas is a big deal for me. I recall one year being at my Nana's just before [Christmas] and she is a stickler for traditions. Except she pretty much made most of her traditions up. She unboxes her knee high silver sparkly tree, pops on it's mini pink baubles and places her little pile of parcels underneath more than half of which she has given herself. Some left over glitter fell to the floor and she made a comment about it being her mam saying hello. It occurred to me that my Nana would trade in every Christmas and gift for just one hour so sit with her mam and have a cup of tea.

It isn't really about the gifts, for us it's about the dressing of the house, the food on the table and the films on the telly. I think that is becoming a theme in most households now. While getting the latest kicks (that is what the cool people call shoes/trainers) is awesome, even for me there is nothing *quite* as nice as shoving a mince pie in your face, while watching Nightmare Before Christmas and a spiced apple Yankee Candle on the go in the background. There is still stuff involved, stuff we could go without - sure, but the girls are there and He is there. (He the boyf not the God/Jesus/Holy Ghost) and they are pretty much it for me.

So while all the trimmings* of Christmas are boss, the filling** is the best bit.

*Gifts, decorations 'stuff'
** Family

What are your fondest memories of Christmas? Have you planned your decorations/menu already? 


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