Monday, 20 October 2014

Our Christmas List (for the house) & what it means to us.

We love Christmas, who doesn't? If you are a grinchy bum yer in the wrong place pal.

So this morning the ladies took themselves to Google and this is my list of what would make their Christmas house 'perfect'.

Spaceship Silver and Angel Delight Pink tinsel, baubles and lights

Wild flower, wreath for the door, with ribbons and sticks (uhm??)

Fireplace garland to match the wreath

Stockings - Eldest - Elsa 
                                           Middle Kid - Minnie Mouse
                Ivy - Olaf 

Big green tree that smells good and has to go in a bucket of mud

I thought their list of things was very sweet. Getting the house decorated and prepped for Christmas is a big deal for me. I recall one year being at my Nana's just before [Christmas] and she is a stickler for traditions. Except she pretty much made most of her traditions up. She unboxes her knee high silver sparkly tree, pops on it's mini pink baubles and places her little pile of parcels underneath more than half of which she has given herself. Some left over glitter fell to the floor and she made a comment about it being her mam saying hello. It occurred to me that my Nana would trade in every Christmas and gift for just one hour so sit with her mam and have a cup of tea.

It isn't really about the gifts, for us it's about the dressing of the house, the food on the table and the films on the telly. I think that is becoming a theme in most households now. While getting the latest kicks (that is what the cool people call shoes/trainers) is awesome, even for me there is nothing *quite* as nice as shoving a mince pie in your face, while watching Nightmare Before Christmas and a spiced apple Yankee Candle on the go in the background. There is still stuff involved, stuff we could go without - sure, but the girls are there and He is there. (He the boyf not the God/Jesus/Holy Ghost) and they are pretty much it for me.

So while all the trimmings* of Christmas are boss, the filling** is the best bit.

*Gifts, decorations 'stuff'
** Family

What are your fondest memories of Christmas? Have you planned your decorations/menu already? 

She changed without warning me

Ivy, she is the very small bundle of wonder. Only, she isn't small anymore. Overnight she no longer fits in the super soft cotton babygrows, her little fat rolls no longer nestle gently in the Love To Swaddle. Her hair grew longer, her hands are ever more dexterous.

Her face changed.

She can tell you a joke. Quite what this joke is remains an unknown thing to me. But this joke is the most funny thing you will hear all day, simply because it is followed but a big, long baby laugh. I look at her face closely about seven times a day. She feeds with such grace, determination and precision that feeds no longer last for hours, they last for ten minutes and are deep and swift.

I am missing the tiny little changes. She doesn't look how the looked yesterday and tomorrow she will have morphed again.

Even after all these years I'm still not comfortable with the rate of change.


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