Monday, 29 September 2014

Why I'm heading to YouTube

I love my blog here, and I've just started a new one which is all great fun, I feel like I've popped myself in the 'parent trap'. I adore blogging here and it will be something I will always do but you can also find me chatting over on YoutTube from this week on. It will be a mix of hauls, chat, reviews and the kind of thing that just doesn't fit on my blog right now. I don't really want to change the dynamics of something that has worked for me for so long so rather than transform my blog I've decided to branch out and explore!

 If you are a reader of the blog and have a YouTube account then remember to Subscribe!

The video quality isn't super high at the moment as I'm just getting used to the whole thing and the next few videos will be better - promise!

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

There is something quite remarkable
about that little egg,
poach it, boil it, fry it,
have it on some bread.

We eat eggs quite a lot. They are a great little snack when boiled and fab as part of a main meal. 

Here are some quick things to make with eggs:

Fried egg sarnie
Eggs Benedict
Boiled for a snack
Soft boiled with toast
Boiled, chopped & add mayo for home made sarnie filling

The best thing about eggs is they are great thing to have in your diet if you are trying to lose weight (aren't we all). They are filling, so adding them to salads will help make sure you get the nutrition you need while also keeping you filled up a little longer. It is easy to calculate eggs in to your daily calorie allowance, you no longer need to ask 'How Many Calories in an Egg?' British Lion Eggs have a hand page with all the information you'll need to incorporate eggs as part of your healthy, balanced diet. 

In collaboration with British Lion Eggs.


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