Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ovary day?

 So Wednesday afternoon around 14.10pm I collapse on the floor in the childrens room with Mojo in my arms, with eldest watching wide eyed. I came round to hear Eldest crying, and myself wailing in pain. Mojo nestled comfortably in my arms, not a bump or scratch in sight - content. Eldest had ran downstairs to get my phone to call someone. She called Beau, I told him to stay in work - bad move.

I called Eldests Bio daddy because he was closest and he had to lock up work and was on his way.

Meanwhile I called my mother just to keep focused on something, explain that it felt like something had exploded.
Eldest was running back and forth, feeding Mojo, bouncing her, fielding all other calls, then passing on the messages with tears running down her face... :(

Mother decided to pass me on to my Nana, while she called my Dad. Nana cheery as ever 'breath it out, breath it in'. Love them for this.

My Dad had called Beau & Brother & ambulance...

Arrival order...

  • Dad 3.25pm
  • Ambulance (car) & Eldest Bio Dad 3.30pm
  • Big Ambulance, Beau & Brother... 3.45pm

I was happy to go to A&E, happy. I had a plan. Plan was pooh apparently.

Sitting on my sofa wired up, with numerous men folk walking in the room, flinching at me and walking out again. Spent a decent while wired up, with pain relief.

Went through 2 canisters of gas & air, was offered morphine but I said 'no, no thanks this is fine'. The pain was second to none, horrible, but I never want to feel out of control when my babies are in view.

Get to hospital, poked an prodded, told that it seems that it could be ovarian cyst explosion or that a complication following birth that hadn't been spotted and the only way to find out would be a scan. Which they couldn't do in that department, I'd have to be tranferred and stay over night. My Dad was sitting with me, while I trawled through all my menstral problems and anything else they asked. Surprisingly I didn't care, I told them everything. I was asked why I'd never had a scan before. Well I'm not sure why really, not needed I thought.

5 hours after the initial pang of pain, my lovely doctor came in and said 'You have two choices, take the pills and go home or stay in and hope for an opening in the scan department sometime tomorrow. But I have to say, if you don't get a quick appointment you will be sent home tomorrow with the pills I'm recommending. The best thing to do is rest, I can't feel any fluid pouches which leads us to believe it's not a burst cyst, however a cyst or growth seems likely, only a scan will provide us with this information.'

I'm going home, I knew this already. I was not being away from home. Give me all the pills, I'm going home. So that was that, a box of pills for to fight infection.

So now I'm home, happily, even if a little tender and awaiting a scan appointment.

Oh and while I was waiting for a cubicle, a man took a urine sample, and tested it. He then told me 'I'm not qualified to test the urine, but it seem's all clear to me.'

Tested sounded like tasted, now my Dad keeps telling everyone that at the hospital someone tasted my wee. 

Monday, 19 March 2012

Home Visit.

So in my last post I mentioned a visit from the EWO & EHE ladies...

 It was fantastic, so helpful and supportive, in fact after reading a few horror storied I was totally armed to the teeth with things. Not needed.

The Education Welfare Officer, was supportive of our decision and explained that if her children had suffered some of the same things, or a teacher had became personal with her she would have done the same thing. Which in itself was a comfort to hear.

The Elective Home Education lady was just a delight to have, her children have all been home schooled and 2 of them still are in the process, she gave nothing but praise for all the research we had done, and the information pack we gave her.

The cinnamon biscuits went down a treat too.

We have an information pack coming of local social activities for Eldest to take part in & was given the go ahead to teach her as we see fit.

There were a few questions...

  • What lessons did we plan on doing?
  • Would there be other people contributing to her HE?
  • Would we consider putting back into mainstream Ed. ?
  • Where did we get the recipe for the biscuits?

In the information pack I gave to the EHE lady was the following -

  • List of special interest projects & how they tie to each lessons
  • The material we will be using
  • The key stages of the books
  • Timetable of lessons
  • List of social activities & Eldests personal interests.

This was received with gratitude, she explained that the more information they have the more they can help and I'm fine with support. She explained that we have no obligation to stick in any way to the National Curriculum, I wasn't going to anyway, but sure it's nice to hear.

She also mentioned that her own children only probably do 50% of the school work a week, because she personally felt that school rushed through 30 pupils leaving probably 1-8 pupils slightly behind, simply for their own standings and so that the funding they receive stays intact. 

Now I had a great time at school, I had teachers that really went the extra mile to help you, no matter what the issue. Great time, great teachers just loved it.

But not everyone will have the same school experience, some children just don't adjust. It's no one fault, it just happens.

I will say it has been really mixed feedback from family, my side is totally on board, sending more books and craft supplies than I have room for. Beau's side said 'No. Bad idea, put her back.' Without really understand why, or the benefits.

I'm not ashamed to say that I love it, I'm not ashamed to say she is positively shining like the sun every morning and I'm not ashamed to say that it's fun.

 And on that note we have some Blueberry Muffins baking, 'cause cooking is now part of our lesson plan.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Home Ed II

Okay so we are a few weeks in now, things are good, she still isn't budging on the reading, but I'm sure we will get there soon.

   She has been doing a lot more with numbers, so much in fact she has zoomed through my flash cards & one of the work books already, I didn't really want to push her. I wanted to make learning fun for both of us, I wanted her to want to do it. For the most part she does.

We have our first visit from the EHE & EWO (Elective Home Education & Educational Welfare Officer) tomorrow, I'm a bit nervous - who wouldn't be?

We've baked some cookies in advance, cinnamons ones, in the shape of dinosaurs.

I have printed out some information for them timetables, bullet point list of answers to their bullet point list of things they would like to see, because no doubt I will be given plenty from them I'd like to return the favour. I have read a lot, had advice from many sources, home education groups, forums, leaflets and when I got the appointment letter from the EHE & EWO they had another little booklet in there. I feel totally prepared for any questions. I am commited to Eldest for life already, technically as parents we teach them daily, turning it up a notch from answering basic questions to 'real' education isn't a giant leap.

I have tried as much as possible to stick to what they give as an outline, so that our transition in to home education doesn't get too clouded. I have made a list of all the materials I have now, a list of the subjects we are covering, a list of special interest projects that I hope to do and in some cases have started. I know there is no financial aid for Home Educators, and I believe for the most part this is a good thing, this means that parents like me do it because they really want to, almost like a need. There is no motivation other than your own, and seeing your child learn something new and know that it is because of you. You have switched on a little light.

Among the perks of home schooling are - Free time, you can really really maximise it, turn it into adventures, shopping can become a learning extravaganza (supermarket math!), cooking can become a lesson, you can test your own knowledge in little games, you can surprise yourself daily with your own creativity.

Downfalls? I can only think of two.

1) You will have to arrange child care if you have something private or classes to attend or anything that involves only one child or no children - it's not always easy, if OH is at work & you don't have any friends available it can be very very tricky. If they used to be in school like mine, well it's something you aren't used to having to consider anymore. It is worth thinking about this if you are on the brink of making the decision - but don't let it deter you. There are ways and means.

2) Socialising (for them not you), now this is quite a big one really for me, you'd like your child to not be isolated, to be able to interact well with others, to take part in social activities, to have friends and to learn that dynamic for themselves. There is only so much as a parent we can do, and I'm not sure the process of it, but I'm pretty sure this is an integral part of developing into and adult. The ability to work within teams, I am sure can derive from being in a family environment. Making friends? I'm not sure on that one.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Week 1 Home Schooling

So I knew it wasn't going to be all rainbows and sunshine... I was wrong, it's pretty amazing actually. We still get up early, like we are almost programmed to do, and now our day goes something like this...

• breakfast
• 45 minutes free style writing of numbers and letters any colour you like
• Math, Word books for about 2 hours
• break time :)
• afternoons consist of P.E, Art, Cooking or history for 90 minutes.
• Finish the day with a free slot, Eldest chooses what she'd like to do.

All in all it's fun, light, but she has already made an improvement with her sequencing and the speed in which she does things.
We also had letter confirmation from the school she is no longer registered there, which was a relief after 3 phone calls everyday from them.

So far so good, we also did a bit of supermarket math ( counting items, guessing the total ).

Tonight we have football.

We are 100% sure it was the right choice for all of us, no matter that we have had some shocked looks.. 'oh my god, that's just... Really at home? Well just until you find another school right?' . Well maybe, maybe not, if Eldest says 'mother I just love school and you must take me back right now' , then sure. Until then we are Homeward Bound and happy.


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