Thursday, 13 June 2013

Home Education catch up meeting - I'm not crappy!

It's always a little bit worrying when people want to inspect something. Maybe inspect isn't the right word here, but check-up, look at and other similar words.

 Sometimes it's difficult to make home ed look tangible because for us it doesn't always take form in books and projects, sometimes it's walking around, visiting museums and things like that - I don't always take note of when we've been. Looking at it now, I maybe should have been.

(I'd like to add that as I am typing this Mojo just rubbed a spoon of Quorn Korma on her face...)

I was in a bit of a tizzy, I knew that I wasn't being judged and more importantly nor was Eldest - we don't HAVE to stick to the national curriculum, we are free to choose.  But I guess when it comes down to it, and someone wants to see what you and your child class as education I still feel like I am sitting a Parenting Exam.

If we had been sitting an exam, we would have passed - I shouldn't say that but I really feel proud of us and mostly her.

I played my part by simply piling up the tangible stuff we have, which didn't amount to much really. When our H.E lady came in, Eldest stole the show, explained what she had finished, what she loved to do, what she had yet to do, what her favourite stuff was, what she liked to research, and so much more. She read, did math, counting, played instruments and generally demonstrated things I hadn't even realised had sunk in.

It maybe doesn't seem very much for a year of work, but the improvements in book to book are lovely to see, it makes me feel like we are accomplishing something. Something that matters. We are learning. We are educating. We are doing it!

I also made a list of things we had done that was outside of the books, like our flower pressing project, our plants - which magically sprouted yesterday morning, cleaning and chores, baking, cooking and days out - some to cool art stuff and some to meet some of the bands I work with. There is a real mix on that list, and after I had written I wondered how we managed to fit it all in!!

I remember when I first considered home education as a real option, so many bloggers inspired me, and even more blogs gave me brilliant ideas about the possibilities of being at home (they are endless by the way). From making coffee jar gardens, scrap booking, art projects, reading advice, supermarket maths, to let her imagination go crazy and the introduction of Unschooling and Montessori into my own understanding and exploration into the home education world. It doesn't end there, I am just happy to be involved in it.

It seems such a long time ago I rushed into my local Works with a fist full of cash and no clue what I was doing, now I have reached a point where I am confident in doing this. I am confident that we are getting it right.
But more than this, I am confident that even if we get it wrong, we'll get it wrong together - and there is even more we can learn from that.

In summary - I am proud that we got this far.

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