Thursday, 1 August 2013

I'm not my Vagina

Mother, Woman, I'm both of these,
looking in the mirror that's 
Just not me. 

Baker, Creator, Household Dictator,

Worker from home, likes a good moan, pretend that I'm grown,
I'm not. 

Doctor, Nurse, Teacher,
Poet and Preacher,
Head Soother, Hair Smoother, 
Tena Lady User.

Breasts, Arse, Vagina,
obvious female curvature,

Reader, Bed Maker, Picture Taker,

Strong, Bold, Insecure,
Decision Maker, Hand Holder, Silent Crier,
Forehead Kisser, Childhood Miss-er,

Dress like a Jester,
and shag like a Queen,
From trash to princess,
and everything in between.
Hippi at heart, Metal at core, 
Dream, Believer, Optimist,

 All of these things I am,
and so much more.
The one thing I'm not,
and I know for sure,
is 'Just a Mum'.


  1. Ha ha! Brilliant - funny and beautiful - the best combination. Have you added to our giant mums' poem yet? If not, you definitely definitely should... xx

    1. No but I think I will! Thanks for taking the time to read :) x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks & Thank you for stopping by!


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