Monday, 14 October 2013

Soft Floor Puzzle Play Mat

The lovely folk over at Soft Floor Kids UK asked if we fancied having a romp and a roll about on their soft flooring.

Who doesn't love a good romp and roll?

By jingo yes, send us some of that flooring I know just the tester for that. I know her, she has very noisy feet, knees and likes to throw her self to floor and pretend she is a dog/cat/frog at every opportune moment. Yes. I know just the girl.

It arrived looking about the size I had imagined - large.

The colours however where far more vibrant than you can see on the website, in my opinion that is a good thing. I don't want a wishy-washy colour for the girls. Loud, bright and engaging please and thank-you.

It took a mere 5 minutes to have the foam play mat up in the right colour order with the right border edges. That was fun. Now we mix it up a bit.

Little Miss Mojo can take it apart and put it together in many other ways, for us this is a good thing. I like her to be tactile, this has a great texture - for non slip purposes too but hey little hands need things to touch. You can prep your floor in advance and pick up some double-sided sticky tape and get that bad boy down for the long haul if you don't want tiny hands pulling it up.

It's not at all uncomfortable underfoot either.

Next test, the jumping. This is a very important part of being small. The ability to jump and land similarly to a frog while keeping noise to a minimum. I am very, very...very happy to say that this actually works. Obviously if you're trying to build a padded room for your little darlings you'll need a tad more than what is on display here but you will notice an improvement in the foot-to-floor thumping. Thumbs up.

Can it be rolled on? Yes.
Can it be tripped up on? Not so far but we've been careful to make sure it's placed somewhere that the edges aren't prominent.
Does it really wipe clean? Yep, super sticky things might need a bit more of a scrub but we've had no issues and the girls are massive warm coco fans. I also hoover it. This is for two reasons, firstly I read that you can hoover it (so to be sure, I did it) and secondly I am a tad too lazy to pull it up, tip the crumbs on the carpet underneath, hoover that and then put it back together. Happy days.
Recommendations?  Yes, the mulitcolouredness of it all goes really well in the girls room as their's is minty green and white. So the floor really pops with colour now, I'd say if you're looking to brighten up the room this is a good option. I'd also say buy a bit more than you need as you can build cubes, houses and other strange things out of it, get creative.

Some of the important information now.

Make sure you measure up! Here is the information on the mat I have in these pictures -

  • Pack of 30 tiles (30cm x 30cm x 12mm)
  • Covers area 1.53m x 1.83m
  • Includes straight border edges
  • Medium-density EVA foam (55° shore density)
  • 100% closed cell, non porous EVA foam
  • Improved slip resistant surface
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Indoor or temporary outdoor use
  • Bag not included
I don't mind that there is no bag. I am not in the habit of taking my flooring on holiday or to visit people. However if you want to pack your floor away neatly make sure you grab a bag when you order.  

They do a few different styles of play mat, I like simplicity of the the puzzle foam play mat I chose, it was perfect for our needs.

* We recieved the soft foam playmat from Soft Floor Kids UK free of charge.

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