Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Aqua Moss Jars

It is all the rage at the minute to make tiny living terrariums. I'm making some in necklace and a big fishbowl over the weekend. They are super fun and easy.

However if you have a teeny tiny budget but fancy making something quirky and cute with the kids try one of these.

If you don't have one of those jars or don't fancy spending the two quid any old jam jar will do for this quick bit of fun.

The aqua moss arrives dry and we had a bit of fun asking the girls to guess what it was. Both guessed them to be felt pompoms!

So, what now?

  1. Wash your beads/buttons in plain water (would recommend glass/ceramic beads)
  2. Wash your jar
  3. Get little hands to put loads of cool buttons and beads in the bottom of the jar
  4. Fill 3/4 up with water
  5. Pop in your Aqua Moss (marvel as they slowly expand)
  6. Top your water up a little more
  7. Pop on the lid (to save spills)

We have ours sitting on the windowsill and when it catches the light the green fluffy moss balls look brilliant and the light glinting off the buttons & beads is fab. The girls call it a living treasure. I think that is a pretty lovely description. 

The reason these are so great is that they are living but they need minimal care and so, they are perfect for little hands as a project. If you start to notice them getting very large you can split them up and start a new jar or move them into a bigger jar/glass tank.

Summary of care:
Care Level: easy 
Availability: all over ebay 
Max height: 10 cm
Max width: 10 cm
Growth: very slow 

Light level: very low to very high
Temperature: 5-28 C 
pH: 6 - 8.5
Hardness: medium - very hard 
Nutrients: not required 
CO2: not required but does respond to added CO2
Water movement: Bounces along with a soft flow, but do not place right underneath very strong flows as these may tear the sphere apart if you're putting these in a tank instead of a jar. 
Planting: Plonk them in the tank/jar - don't bury them.
Maintenance: none, except to turn over regularly if you want perfect balls.

If you do make your own please pop back and leave a link below so I can check it out! 

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