About Us

Head honcho, content provider and wordsmith is me Momma Mojo or Zara, up to you. This blog was started in 2010 - when I thought I was an interior designer. Turns out five candles and a purple fire place isn't design at all. So after that I left it. Then in 2011, (while pregnant with Mojo) I decided to re-start it to share my hilarious words with the world. (You're welcome).

Family Mojo consists of Eldest (2007), Mojo (2011) and Tiny (2014).

Eldest is a home educated know-it-all. She loves all things Brownie's, Moshi and nature based.

Mojo is similar to an angry badger. The terrible toddler loves Mr. Maker, chocolate and crafts.

Tiny is a breastfeeding, grown-up wearing sort and is kind enough to let us sleep in the bed with her.

Mr. M will occasionally feature but is more often than not playing a game in the background.


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